Knockonny Youth Event - Regional Roadshow

Saturday, 22nd October 2022
7:30 pm
Knockconny Baptist Church

We are so looking forward to hosting a special youth event on Saturday 22nd October at 7:30pm in Knockconny Baptist Church. 
This event, entitled the 'regional roadshow', will take place a number of times throughout the year in different locations. We can't wait for our first gathering in Knockconny at the end of this month. On the night, we will sing songs, play games and ultimately hear from God's word. As it relates to the Bible talks, we will think specifically about how our faith affects different areas of our lives (life online, life at home, life in school etc). 
We would love to see your youth group there! Our other two regional roadshow gatherings won't be until 25th February and 25th March in Lisburn and Dublin, so why not make the most of this first event and bring your young people along?! 
If you do plan on coming, we would appreciate it if you signed up by filling out the form below - you can sign up as an individual or on behalf of a group! Anyone secondary school age and above is more than welcome
Thanks so much - looking forward to seeing you there!