Exam Focus - Student Devotional

13-04-2023  |  Matthew Campbell  |  STUDENT

Exam season can be tough for many reasons. It is busy, stressful and, quite often, anxiety inducing. 

However, as Christians exam season can be difficult for other reasons too. We never find ourselves able to spend as much time in God's Word as we feel like we should. If we're honest, it sometimes feels like our 'quiet times' go on hold for a few weeks. 

Exam Focus is a devotional book for busy exam students. It contains 20 undated devotions which you can read in just a matter of minutes. Each day focuses on a different thought for you to ponder alongside a Bible passage to read. You can access the Exam Focus material by downloading the pdf from the link below. There are also physical copies available at the Baptist Centre and daily video versions posted on the BY Instagram each week day from 1st May

Download link - Click here